Luxury Tented Camps

These units are snuggled on a clifside overlooking the tripple waterfalls along the famous Sagana River. They boast of a large and comfortable double bed with a spacious ensuite bathroom. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the river and falls from the tents.

Single Double
Resident Non-resident Resident Non-resident
B&B 7,000/- $80 10,000/- $115
HB 8,500/- $90 11,000/- $130
FB 9,000/- $100 12,500/- $150


This is the perfect activity for those of you who just want to relax and enjoy a nice swim at Jangwani for a day. The swimming area is located in front of the camp. Additionally, if you are seeking for some more excitement, you can always plunge from the biggest waterfall into the water, fully protected, and safe!

Price: KES. 1000/- per person for 1 hour including gears.

NOTE: Minimum of 2 people. Bring your own swimming gear and water shoes! All protective equipment is included.

Simple Rafting

At Jangwani we provide rafting for beginners in front of the campsite. You will be guided through many different activities and build up new skills! This rafting is not only for beginners, but also perfect for a team building activity, as it allows you to work together with your peers to achieve a common goal. Additionally, this ride also involves you rafting close to the scenic Jangwani falls and an adventurous swim into a small cave behind our biggest fall. Everyone will be fully equipped and ready to face the exhilarating experience!

Price: KES. 2,000/- per person for 1 hour.


When was the last time you sat at a bonfire? Historically, bonfires was when people shared stories and where stories were passed on through generations. At Jangwani, bonfires are available for our guests! Meanwhile you can enjoy drinks from our bar while enjoy the warmth of the fire, together, sharing stories, with the relaxing sounds of the waterfalls in the background.

Price: KES. 500/- per person, group of 5 at Kes. 1000/- per bundle of wood.

Main Rafting

Is the easy rafting too simple for you? For those of you who enjoy a challenge, Jangwani also provides white water rafting down the Sagana river. Depending on the season, you would be able to visit caves, and even plunge from other waterfalls along the way. In addition, there are natural slides, sliding down stream, and other various amounts of creative activates that will be adapted to the journey.

Price: KES. 6,000/- per person for 1 hour.


For fishing enthusiasts, River Tana provides an opportunity to engage in the sport with various fish species to look forward to.

A good catch guarantees you a delicious meal at the campsite while enjoying the enchanting sight of the amazing Jangwani falls.

Price: KES. 1,000/- per person for 1 hour.


Is the easy rafting too easy for you? If you are ambitious and are willing to challenge yourself. Then, Kayaking down steam of the Sagana river is a perfect way to conquer that challenge. The ability to maneuver a kayak all by yourself in the water helps in reaffirming self-confidence. Look no further!! At Jangwani camp, we have the best trained guides to help you in this adventure. As you go down Sagana’s river you will experience natural water slides together with the feelings of excitement, fear, laughter, and most importantly you will learn more about yourself as an individual. As a bonus, you will be exposed to the wildlife that is within the river as you go downstream. The approximate 1hr 30mins experience will leave you with another unforgettable story to share!

Price: KES. 2,500/- per person for 1 hour.


Camping at Jangwani is not like any other campsite. The unique camping experience will allow you to detox your mind from stress while enjoying your time with family &/or friends.

After an adventurous day at Jangwani, falling asleep to the sounds of the waterfalls is a natural therapeutic experience that you will be coming back for.

KES. 1,500/- per person
KES. 2,500/- per double
Breakfast included


Do you have what it takes to become the next skilled archer? This game is all about aim and focus, you just need to be ready to have some serious fun and learn how to shoot some arrows while at it.

Hitting the bull’s eye depends on how much fun you want to have, the more times you miss the more fun you have trying to nail it!

KES.1,500/- per person per hour

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a very popular activity to do on land. With this activity you will be guided through the exotic sites of Sagana, in a different perspective. The tour is very stimulating, adventurous, and fit way to explore the area. However, it is important to note, that prior experience of biking is required. Biking lessons are unfortunately not provided.

Book your adventure with a minimum of 4 persons per ride!

Price: KES. 1,000/- per person for 1 hour.

Nature Walk

Take a nice and relaxing walk along the river with your friends and friendly guide. There is so much to look forward to.

For nature lovers, you will be exposed to various amounts of bird, tree, and even insect species, as you walk next to the great river and more.

Kes.500/- per person per hour