Own Camping

Bring your own gear and pitch your tent on our well-maintained camping grounds.

Dome Tent

An excellent choice for those who seek a more comfortable camping experience.

Tent Plus

The second more comfortable camping option includes a larger dome tent that can fit a raised bed that fits 2 pax. The spacious tent is water and windproof which should maintain the warmth inside your tent on cold nights. The tent includes a comfortable bed with bedding (bed sheets, duvet blanket, and pillows). This option includes B&B only. 

Luxury Units

Our handcrafted luxury units are latched on a cliffside overlooking the three waterfalls alongside the famous Sagana River. The private rooms include a comfortable king-size bed with a spacious ensuite bathroom all to yourself(s). Our luxurious experience includes breakfast, lunch and dinner served right to your balcony while you enjoy the breathtaking views of your surrounding nature, river and falls!